Welcome to my personal website

Hello Hola 你好

Life track: 

Newcastle, United Kingdom (where my first job is and currently in)

Barcelona, Spain (where I did my second Master's and PhD degree)

Chongqing, China (where I didn't complete my first Master's degree)

Nanning, China (where I did my Bachelor's degree )

Xi'an , China (where I was growing up)

Yuncheng, China (where I was born) 

I am a Lecturer in International Business at Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University (United Kingdom) since September 2023. 

My research area lies in the intersection of entrepreneurship and international business, mainly focusing on the effects of external factors (e.g., institutions, populism), tools (e.g., digitalization and social media), and internal factors (e.g., ownership structures) on the entrepreneurs’ international orientation and growth.